The Filter Depot

Quality Filters, Affordable Pricing.

FILTERDEPOTLOGO.jpgWelcome to the Filter Depot, a division of Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning.

Tired of paying way too much for your furnace, hepa, carbon or pre-filters. Well, look no further. Our showroom and filter depot has a complete line of filters to accommodate almost everyone, and if we don’t have it we certainly can have it made for you.

From throwaways, merv 8, merv 11, merv 13 and hepa, the filter depot is your one stop shop for all things filtration.

Our filters are made in Canada, we only use the highest quality materials that have been tried and tested.

Why pay big box store pricing? Shop local and save.

For those who think that their filters are just not doing the job, call us for a free no obligation in-home indoor air quality assessment. You will be surprised at what changing your furnace filters on a regular basis can do.

Not only increase the quality of air that your family will breathe, but increase the life expectancy of your furnace.

Our filters are sold individually or by the case for your best value. Why not have a year’s supply of furnace filters right next to your furnace, your health and furnace will love you for it.

Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning, we know furnace filters.