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At Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we take barbecuing very seriously, for one reason - Our customers are very serious about their barbecue. So we make it our business to know everything about quality barbecues. We know how important Outdoor end backyard cooking is to you and your family. We know that there are those who prefer the convenience of a gas or propane barbecue. Then again, cooking over a fire, a tradition thousands of years old and some people will have no other way. 

Everyone's different when it comes to barbecue cooking. Some smoke, some grill over the wood fire, some just barbecue and some do it all in an outdoor kitchen design to make their outdoor cooking unforgettable. Either way, they all want to do it on a quality name brand barbecue. Come on in and visit our stunning showroom and see our name brand barbecues and let us know what kind of outdoor barbecuing you'd like to do.

Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Weber barbecues and outdoor kitchens. What's on your BBQ?

Broil King Barbeques

There is quality and variety in the collection of Broil King barbecues at Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque. With the number of quality barbecues to choose from, we can turn your backyard into a recreational oasis. Whether natural gas or propane, our selection of sturdy barbecues and accessories are absolutely perfect for your backyard. Broil King services everything we sell and we'll set you up with one of the greatest names in barbecues. At Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Broil King barbecues and outdoor kitchens. What's on your BBQ?


Weber Barbeques

From all of the quality Weber barbecues, gas or propane, whether tabletop or island stainless steel barbecues, homeowners and outdoor cooking enthusiasts have many options to extend barbecue season. Never has your great indoors been so close to your great outdoors. Backyards, patios and architectural extensions will be turned into quality cooking stations and entertainment hubs popular for entertaining and casual dining. With choice comes distinction with value added to your property. You can turn your backyard, patio, porch or stoop into a quality, recreational oasis and Enviro-Niagara will help you barbecue.

Allow our knowledgeable sales staff to help you find the right Weber barbecue for your backyard. See all of Weber's prestigious line of barbecues, accessories and outdoor kitchens. They'll help you find the right barbeques and accessories for your plans and if your product needs installing our certified service technicians will help you with that too. In featuring the Weber barbecues, accessories and outdoor kitchens in our stunning showroom, you'll see the best Niagara has to offer. Let us transform your backyard into a five-star resort, so you can treat yourself to outdoor cooking designed for great memories.

Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Weber barbecues and outdoor kitchens. What's on your BBQ?


Traeger Wood Fire Grills

Some barbeque warranties are measured in days. Traeger measures their’s in years (3 years to be exact). Traeger's quality state-of-the-art grills are designed and built to last, subjecting them to testing second to none in the industry. That means, when it comes time to cooking outdoors, Traeger's got your back.

Cooking over a wood fire couldn't be easier. In fact, your quality Traeger grills ease-of-use come with simple controls, to let you focus on what matters, the food and your friends. Traeger’s one-button ignition system fires things up before the precision and temperature controller takes over and serves up just the right amount of wood pellets to keep the flavor right where you want it. With Traeger, you can break away from the grill and join the party while you are cooking with the best pellets in the industry. Set it, forget it, grill it and enjoy it

Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Traeger barbecues and outdoor kitchens. What's on your BBQ?


Kamado Joe Barbeques

Kamado Joe knew people could get so much more out of their barbeque experience, so we set out to solve problems and eliminate pain points. Kamado Joe tore apart the competitor’s products, analyzing every detail, questioning the construction. Kamado Joe commissioned top industrial designers, built hundreds of prototypes and re-engineered it all for unparalleled performance. Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Kamado Joe barbecues and outdoor kitchens. Come and check out the quality built-in to a Kamado Joe barbeque here in our stunning showroom, Our highly knowledgeable we'll help you choose the right Kamado Joe's barbecue and turn your backyard patio into an outdoor oasis for your family. 

Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know Kamado Joe barbecues and outdoor kitchens. What's on your BBQ? 


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