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Traeger Grills combine flavour from the rub, sauce, and their signature pellets and we are proud to be your Traeger Authorized Dealer.

In store, you can purchase from a selection of in-stock rubs and sauces. We always carry Traeger originals, and will occasionally have special rubs and sauces delivered straight from Traeger.

Traeger Essential Rubs

  • TRAEGER RUB - Our house rub is ready to tackle any protein you’ve got. This crazy versatile combo features garlic and chili pepper notes and will quickly become a seasoning staple.

  • BEEF RUB - Beef up your BBQ routine with our Beef Rub. Featuring brown sugar and chili pepper, it pairs perfectly with our Sweet & Heat sauce. 

  • PORK & POULTRY RUB - Apple and honey flavor join forces to guarantee your chicken and pork creations are damn delicious. 

  • CHICKEN RUB - Here's the rub down. Slap it on to make every bird bold, juicy, and oh so succulent. PRIME RIB RUB - We’ve got beef with boring BBQ. Hit your prime rib, or other beef cuts, with this seasoning packed with garlic, herbs, and addictive flavor. 

  • COFFEE RUB - This rub is all the “buzz.” Wake up your taste buds and add rich coffee flavor to whatever you’re Traegering.

Traeger Essential Sauces

  • Traeger 'Que
  • Apricot Sauce
  • Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet and Heat BBQ Sauce
  • Sugar Lips BBQ Sauce

Traeger Special Edition Rubs

  • Traeger Veggie Rub 
  • Fin and Feather Rub 
  • Blackened Saskatchewan Rub 
  • Realtree Big Game Rub 
  • Jerky Rub Souvlaki Rub 
  • Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt (Jacobsen Salt Co.)

Traeger Special Edition Sauces, Marinades, and Mix

  • Smoked Bloody Mary 
  • Smoked Simple Syrup 
  • Traeger Carne Asada

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