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Great BBQ starts at Enviro-Niagara Hearth and Barbeque. We've expanded our sauces and seasonings selection to include great Canadian brands like Big Sid's - made in Ontario. They offer great international flavour!

"If you are looking for a way to spice up your grill game you've come to the right place."

The following  Big Sid's BBQ Products are available at Enviro-Niagara:

Voodoo Cajun Rub - as big and bold as life in Louisiana. From the BBQ Bayou, this intriguing mixture of spices will even pleasure Marie Laveau.

Up the Creek Rub - with a hint of Canadian maple - whether it's fish pork or poultry pedal on up to the other white meats.

Tropical Love Rub - flavor and love from the warm tropics. Just like a gentle breeze and a cool drink, this rub will surprise even the unexpected. Sit back and relax!

St Louis BBQ Seasoning - your taste buds won't be shut-out. No need to feel blue we've got the perfect St Louis style seasoning for you!

Kentucky Peach Barbecue Seasoning - a race to the finish line. You'll be winning with this peachy seasoning that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy inside.

Rub Me All Over - All purpose BBQ seasoning. When nothing else will do, rub it on whatever you fancy great overall rub to ignite the sense in you!

Tickle Your Ribs - Southern rib rub. Southern style rib rub to influence the great natural taste of pork!

Steaking My Reputation - Canadian style BBQ Seasoning. Move over Montreal Big Sid's in town bring out the natural flavor of the beef.

Rub Me Meat Mon!! Fiery hot Island rub. Hot and spicy. Not for the tame of heart!

Moovilous Brisket Rub - Southern style beef rub. Bold in taste and aroma. Give your beef something to moo about.

Texas BBQ seasoning - A little taste of Texas right at home. Saddle up your tastebuds, it's going to be a spicy ride!

Cherry BBQ sauce - A unique blend of cherries tomatoes and spices gives this sweet and sour cherry BBQ sauce its heat. Great on chicken beef and pork. It also makes a wonderful addition to meatloaf hamburgers and baked beans. Use as a dip with meats and cheeses or faced your favorite grilled items.

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