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The Ultimate Cooking Experience - Big Green Egg at Enviro-Niagara Hearth and Barbeque

Canadians from coast to coast have been enjoying the Big Green Egg Ultimate Cooking Experience for years.

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Regardless of the weather conditions, the Big Green Egg is guaranteed to meet your expectations and provide meals for a lifetime. All Big Green Egg grills and accessories are stocked in Canada and carry a Canadian service warranty. The Big Green Egg can be found at the Enviro-Niagara Hearth and Barbeque Showroom on HWY 20. At Enviro-Niagara Hearth and Barbeque we love to demonstrate the benefits and features of the Big Green Egg. If you are concerned with environmental issues, efficiency and reliability the Big Green Egg is a must have in your outdoor kitchen.

  • XXL 424 lbs – 29″ grid size with a cooking area of 672 in²
  • XLarge 219 lbs – 24” grid with a cooking area of 452 in²
  • Large 162 lbs – 18.25” grid with a cooking area of 262 in²
  • Medium 114 lbs – 15” grid with a cooking area of 133 in²
  • Small 80 lbs – 13” grid with a cooking area of 117 in²
  • Mini Max 76 lbs – 13” grid with a cooking area of 117 in²
  • Mini 39 lbs – 10” grid with a cooking area of 79 in² 


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  • "Enviro-Niagara was contracted to install a new heating and air conditioning system in my home. The duct work was very old and not meant for a forced air furnace. That required removing the ceiling downstairs without damaging the adjacent walls, and installing all new ductwork. They replaced the furnace with an efficient modulating furnace and replaced the old air conditioner with a new one. Overall, I am very pleased. Their technicians are very good at what they do.”
    Ian Johnston