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Contact Enviro-Niagara Heating and Air Conditioning for your heating and air conditioning system installation, replacement, upgrade, or a second opinion. Backed by our 110% satisfaction guarantee, your home comfort system will provide your family with the heating and cooling comfort throughout your home.

  • ​Gas Furnaces

    Your furnace is the heart of your home. In the winter it is essential to radiate warmth throughout your home. In the summer months it plays an integral role in circulating and conditioned air from your cooling system. And it can run all year round to provide constant circulation to keep you most comfortable. At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning we provide our customers with state of the art equipment, from basic functionality to ...
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  • Air Conditioning from Enviro-Niagara

    Air conditioning is your best choice in summertime home comfort. We carry Evenflow by Enviro-Niagara systems and can install other top brands with cool prices to help you beat the heat! At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning we have numerous energy efficient options for you with environmental friendly results. You see, we use only the most up to date and ozone-friendly refrigerants. With top SEER ratings, our industry ...
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  • Heat Pumps

    Heating, cooling and dehumidifying all in one. Heat pumps look the same as an air conditioner and work in the same way. However, in the winter months, it reverses its operation and provides warmth for your home while saving on gas bills. An efficient heat pump can work so effectively that some clients rely exclusively on these units for year round comfort. At Enviro-Niagara Heating and Air Conditioning, we have numerous options and can desig...
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  • Boilers

    Heating your home with water or steam? Energy bills on the rise? Did you know that some of the newest boilers on the market can operate as low as 20% of its designed capacity? What does that mean? Saving money. At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning we have the experience and technology to design and show you how our boiler, in-floor systems can effectively provide you with a well-rounded comfort and save you money. Ask ...
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  • Ductless Systems

    No ductwork? No problem! If you have an older home and finding it hard to cool your space, or looking for a way to add a little extra warmth or cooling. Look no further. At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning we have a full line of ductless systems to provide heating and cooling for you without compromising your budget. With seers from 13 to 43, we know ductless systems. We quite literally have so much variety in this category th...
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  • Air Handlers & Fan Coils

    Want to push your cooling unit’s efficiency to its highest level? It’s as easy as making sure you have the right fan coil to match. When you do, you could see improved HSPF from your heat pump, a jump of up to 2 points in the SEER rating of your air conditioner or heat pump and an equally dramatic improvement in your utility bill.  At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning our variable-...
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