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Your furnace is the heart of your home. In the winter it is essential to radiate warmth throughout your home. In the summer months it plays an integral role in circulating and conditioned air from your cooling system. And it can run all year round to provide constant circulation to keep you most comfortable.

At Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning we provide our customers with state of the art equipment, from basic functionality to all the bells and whistles. The good news is that all of our gas furnaces are ideal to each person’s home and budget. With efficiencies from 92+% and up to the industry leading 98% modulating, we know gas furnaces.

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Special Offers on Furnace Fireplace and Barbeque

Furnace Financing with SNAP Program

  • "Mike and the guys from Enviro Niagara were great. They are very professional. The install of the new water heater was excellent. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs HVAC work done. Thanks again."
    Ryan Burnison